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Organic-Hair-and-Body-Empties-2020-December-2The best and most reliable way to review a beauty product is to completely use it up. Because in most cases, first impressions might change after a few uses. This is why I enjoy reading (and writing) organic empties posts the most! These last few months I’ve finished more than a couple of hair and body products, so here we go:

* It was my first time trying Avalon Organics haircare range, and I was especially interested in their Smooth Shine Shampoo with apple cider vinegar. It’s well known that apple cider vinegar is a king ingredient for creating shine and bounce to the hair, naturally. I know many people who use raw apple cider vinegar for their hair and could not be happier about it, but I’ve never tried it. So, anyway, this shampoo seemed like a perfect opportunity. It did give my hair noticeable shine, but it also made it more prone to drying out, so I would not suggest using it daily. Also, I did not notice any smoothing effects on my frizzy locks. So, if you’re interested in trying it, I suggest you use it as an occasional shampoo, as it is a nice product for giving hair some boost and radiance.

* Roots & Wings Sweet Orange and Rose Geranium Shampoo was the only product from this bunch that I did not understand. It has cute packaging, a lovely citrus scent, it cleaned my hair ok, but I needed to use a conditioner after each use badly. And I mean, BADLY, because it made my hair extremely dry and frizzy. I used it up, but I won’t be repurchasing it.

* Faith in Nature Seaweed and Citrus body wash is a pure example of how much I’ve been into citrus scents lately. And it just doesn’t look like it’s going to change any time soon. This shower gel is great! I felt fresh and awake, and simply happy to start my day after using this in the mornings. It’s not drying, but it cleanses well.

* Rahua hair conditioners are absolutely amazing. That’s a fact. I was completely blown away by their Color Full conditioner, but this Rahua Classic Conditioner does not fall far behind. One of the perks of Rahua conditioners is that they can be used as leave-in conditioners. This way, you get an even more intense effect, especially if your hair is prone to frizz. I mostly use it as a rinse-out conditioner and then apply a small amount to my wet hair for extra smoothness. Of course, my only complaint is its price, so it’s not often that I splurge on them.

* I wrote a full review on this Madara Oat & Chamomile Gentle Wash for babies here. It was the first time trying their baby range, and I was left pleasantly surprised. I still use the shampoo for my toddler daughter since you need so little for these little heads. However, because this Gentle Wash could be used as a bath foam, we went through it pretty fast. It’s not perfect as a bath foam since you need quite the amount to create the foam, and it disappears after a couple of minutes anyway. But it’s a great body wash even for sensitive and eczema-prone baby skin.

* Vita Liberata Body Blur in Latte Light has unfortunately expired with almost half-full tube left. I bought this after hearing so many good things about it on Instagram. To be fair, all this positive feedback was true to a T. It’s a wash-off, instant self-tan lotion for your body, made with natural ingredients. It’s super fast absorbent; the so-called tan dispenses evenly on the body, making it look naturally sun-tanned and gorgeous. I did not notice it staining my clothing, but I would be careful with it since it’s not an actual self-tan. Unfortunately, I only used this on a couple occasions (both times at weddings) because I just could not find the time nor the need to use it on a daily basis. What a waste of a good product! I wish they had sample-size Blurs; I would certainly opt for them.

Have you tried any products from these natural empties?

Inga | Organic Beauty Blogger
Inga | Organic Beauty Blogger

I’m Inga, the creator of this online place called Organic Beauty Blogger. Since 2013, I’ve been on a mission to redefine beauty by sharing my insights into the world of green beauty.

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