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Organic Baby Bodycare MadaraI’ve always been wary about the products I use for my own skin, but I’m even warier about products that I use for my baby daughter. From birth, she has extremely sensitive skin (though I guess many babies do), so I try to make sure her body and bath products are gentle and made with soothing, moisturizing natural ingredients. Although I am a long-time Madara fan, I have never tried their natural baby skincare range until a couple of weeks ago.

Madara’s organic baby range is based on gentle ingredients, such as oat, linden flower, chamomile, and others. I decided to go for an Oat & Linden Shampoo as well as Oat & Camomile Gentle Wash. There were a couple of body lotions suitable for sensitive skin in the range as well, so maybe I’ll think about getting them later after we finish the ones we already own.

Oat and Camomile Gentle Wash / 190ml
Like I’ve told you before, Olivia has sensitive skin in general, but my main concern is her skin flare-ups that come unexpectedly from time to time. I’m pretty sure her food sometimes has a lot to do with it (tomatoes is a suspect, but I know there might be some other ingredients that I didn’t manage to track down yet), so eliminating food triggers is essential, but taking care of her skin during and after flare-ups is crucial too. I really like how gentle this Oat & Camomile Wash is. It’s unscented, and also doesn’t have any coloring or other additional ingredients that might irritate the skin. It can be used as a shampoo as well; however, it does sting the eyes upon contact, so you want to make sure your little one doesn’t rub this in. It also says that a few drops can be added to the bath for more fun with bubbles. It does foam a bit, but the bubbles disappear within a few minutes, so I’d say it’s a waste of product.

Oat and Linden Flower Shampoo / 200ml
I totally love this one for Olivia’s hair! Like the wash, it’s also unscented and made with soothing ingredients. It cleans the scalp and hair very well but doesn’t dry them out. My toddler’s hair is very straight, so she rarely has issues with tangly hair, but it doesn’t seem to dry the hair out.

Have you tried Madara natural baby skincare? What are your thoughts?

Inga | Organic Beauty Blogger
Inga | Organic Beauty Blogger

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