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About me

Hello and thank you so much for visiting my blog!

I’m Inga, a daydreamer with a passion for natural and organic beauty and a creator of A few things that describe me best:

*I’m an ordinary girl who’s obsessed with coffee, lavender, and yoga
*A happy wife and proud cat parent
*When I think of my happy place, it’s either snuggling with my cat on the sofa with a hot coffee and a laptop, reading my favorite blogs or writing new posts, or hiking some steep hill with my husband somewhere in a foreign country
*As much as I love my personal challenges, I do not believe in competition (weird?). I think that we all are different and unique in our own way, so there’s always room for everyone
*Current goal is to learn Spanish
*Traveling is my life. It changes me every single time. Backpacking is my preferred way of traveling, but I had a fancy (at least, I think so) holiday once, during my elopement in Cuba
*For me, the “glass of life” is always half-full. And yours should be too!

About the blog

I started the blog in 2013 because I wanted to create a place where I could share my thoughts about green beauty products because I knew I wasn’t alone in these experiences and wanted to connect with like-minded people. I’ve been writing it for almost 5 years and even after all this time, it’s still a massive part of my life. My reviews might be subjective, but they’re always honest and true.

If you’re new to the blog, here are a few of my favorite posts to get you started:

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If you want to get in touch, please see Contact page for more information. I love connecting with other bloggers and business owners, so do not hesitate to contact me with any question you have or just say hello. I’m always happy to hear from you.


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