Zuii Organic Flora Lux Finishing Powder Review

Zuii Organic Flora Lux Organic Face PowderFor a very long time, finishing powders were some sort of a mystery for me. I’m usually all about powder foundations with color (like, one of my faves from Nude By Nature). They usually work great for me, but there are times when I want to retouch only my nose or my t-zone to prevent shine, and a powder with color would not look good in those situations. In those times, transluscent powder is a way better choice, so I’ve been trying out this Zuii Flora Lux Finishing Powder* ($65) to see if I’d like it for that.

Zuii Organic Certified Organic Flora Lux Finish PowderIt’s no secret that I have a thing for pretty packaging. This jar above is a definition of pretty. A unique matte foundation formula blended with real dried flowers. It includes flowers and herbs such as:
– anti-inflammatory calendula
– calming and soothing chamomile
– softening jasmin buds
– toning cornflower blue and more.

There also are plenty of plant extracts and oils added to the powder. So, apparently, it not only looks beautiful but is also beneficial for the skin.

Zuii Organic Flora Lux Translucent Finishing PowderSpeaking about the formula of this finishing powder, it is very gentle and non-drying even for dehydrated/more dry skin types. I haven’t experienced any flakiness when using this powder. It gives a translucent satin finish, which helps to keep your skin’s oil production at bay. I really like the texture; it feels soft and somehow comforting to the skin. During the hottest days (over 86F/30C), I can go more than half a day without my nose turning into a shining ball, so I’d say that’s a pretty good result. My makeup usually stays well during colder seasons, so I’m not sure if I’ll use this finishing powder as much as during summer, but we’ll see.

If you want to read more about Zuii Organic makeup? One of my posts features their amazing Flora Luminising Cremes (I’m still using the lightest shade almost daily).

Have you tried Zuii Organic makeup? 

Inga | Organic Beauty Blogger
Inga | Organic Beauty Blogger

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