Zuii Organic Flora Luminising Creme Review

Zuii Organic Certified Flora Luminising CremesI’m so happy to be featuring Zuii Organic on the blog, one of the top green beauty brands. If you’re trying to achieve healthy, glowing skin, Zuii Certified Organic Flora Luminising Creme* is a go-to product this summer. So so good when you want that effortless no-makeup, full-on-glow look! But let’s start from the beginning. So what exactly is this award-winning Luminising Creme? Made with green tea, chamomile extracts, and bamboo juice, this light, velvety glow cream is best described as a tinted moisturizer with LOADS of glow.

The Creme comes in 80 ml pump bottles with little black caps (yes, you read that right – 80ml/2.7fl. oz!). I find pumps in skincare/makeup very beneficial because it’s more hygienic that way, but it’s also much easier to dose the right amount of the product. The scent is light and floral.

Zuii Organic Flora Luminising CremeZuii Flora Luminising Creme comes in only 3 shades. I’m always wary about face makeup products only having a few shades because then it’s much harder to find your match, even if you like the product. But since the Creme is pretty sheer and versatile, these three shades work great for any skin tone. So the shades are:
Galaxy (for light/medium skin tones)
Saturn (for medium/dark medium skin tones)
Lunar (for dark skin tones)
My closest match, as you can probably tell from the photo below, is Galaxy. I was afraid it’s going to look too dark, but it actually blends in very well. Another thing that I’d like to mention about the Luminising Creme is that it does not oxidize after application. This is very important for me because there were times when the product seems like a great match, only later to get darker on the skin. This has never happened with this, and I’m pleased about it.

Another reason why I’ve started using this every day instead of my favorite Madara CC cream, because of its light, non-greasy texture. It just melts right into the skin, leaving it super radiant. Also, you only need to apply a very thin layer of it so that 80ml bottles will last ages.

Speaking about the disadvantages, the only thing I’d like it to do is to contain SPF. It would just give me one less step. Zuii Organic Flora Luminising Creme Swatches NamesZuii Certified Organic Flora Luminising Creme is available on Zuii Organic website for $19.95 for 80ml/2.7fl. oz., or at any other Zuii stockists near you.

Have you tried this Luminising Creme?

Inga | Organic Beauty Blogger
Inga | Organic Beauty Blogger

I’m Inga, the creator of this online place called Organic Beauty Blogger. Since 2013, I’ve been on a mission to redefine beauty by sharing my insights into the world of green beauty.

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