Cruelty-Free Beauty Empties

Cruelty-Free-Beauty-EmptiesI used to have a rule not to open a new beauty product until I finish up one or two products that are in use. But somewhere along the way, I broke this rule and was stuck with what seemed like a lot of half-empty bottles. So, I’ve been participating in my personal project pan lately. Meaning the “no new products” rule is back! Also, more of the empties posts will be coming soon! But for now, let’s dive into these lovely products that I finished up:

Gallinee Hydrating Face Cream (30ml) made with triple biotic complex (probiotics, prebiotics, and postbiotics). Loved this cream – it was a very welcome boost of hydration for my skin. Also, every time I use probiotic skincare, I do notice a difference in my skin. It becomes less inflammed and more even. However, you need to be consistent with it to see the positive results.

This Timeless Skincare 20% Vitamin C and Ferulic Acid (30ml) had so many fantastic reviews on Instagram that I was lured to try it. It was on sale, so I decided to commit and got two bottles. I’m now on the second bottle, which I religiously apply every morning before any other serum. After using a full bottle, I can tell you that it works. It definitely brightened out my skin; it also feels firmer and more even. My forehead’s fine lines softened a little, but I’m not sure if this is because of the vitamin C or because I’m now very religious with my skincare. The only downside is that you must wash your hands after using this serum. Seriously! Otherwise, it will oxidize and leave your hands stained with an orange tint (for those who don’t know, vitamin C, when oxidizes, turn a bit like a self-tanner), which is then hard to wash off.

I’ve never featured this Madara Smart Anti-Fatigue Urban Moisture Cream (30ml) in a separate post because I just didn’t find the right time. I had high hopes for it, but I was glad to finish it up in the end. Even though it was created for dry to dehydrated skin, it completely failed to give proper moisture to my dry, dehydrated skin. Yes, it has an extremely thick, rich texture, but after it’s absorbed by the skin, it leaves the skin dry and almost paper-like. Kudos for pretty packaging, though.

Cruelty-Free-Skincare-Haircare-EmptiesKevin Murphy Plumping Wash (250ml): Kevin Murphy is a cruelty-free hair salon brand, with most of its products vegan. My hairdresser uses Kevin Murphy products at her salon and highly recommended them to me as the “more natural alternative” to most salon hair brands. I use their Cool Angel conditioner (toning conditioner for ash blonde hair) from time to time to keep my hair from getting too brassy, so I thought maybe I should try their shampoo too. Well, turns out it was a mistake. My hair did not agree with this shampoo. Instead, it became extremely frizzy and dry to the point I had to discontinue using it. My friend who has amazing natural hair experienced itching with this shampoo, so no more Kevin Murphy for us, I guess.

Green People Hydrating Calming Serum (30ml): I usually am delighted with Green People skincare, but unfortunately, in the end, this serum did not work for my skin. No matter how hard I’ve tried, I just could not find the right amount so it would not peel off. It is a lightweight serum, so I’m surprised to get this kind of result.

Have you tried any of these products mentioned above? Share your experience.

Inga | Organic Beauty Blogger
Inga | Organic Beauty Blogger

I’m Inga, the creator of this online place called Organic Beauty Blogger. Since 2013, I’ve been on a mission to redefine beauty by sharing my insights into the world of green beauty.

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