Kneipp Regenerating Face Mask & Cleansing Milk

Kneipp Regenerating SkincareI’ve neither heard about Kneipp Naturkosmetik, nor I have ever seen it reviewed on other blogs. However, my cleanser was coming towards the end, and because of its clean certified ingredients, Kneipp seemed like a brand worth trying. Regeneration is one of Kneipp’s product lines that sounded the most tempting to me.

Kneipp Regeneration Cleansing Milk (200 ml)
The ingredient list of this Regenerating Cleansing Milk is simple: sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, and a crowd of essential oils such as citrus, cedarwood, spearmint and geranium. It’s an excellent face cleanser and makeup remover. Its texture is creamy and moisturizing, but not too heavy. I like that it completely removes makeup. Its scent is strong candy-like, but it didn’t bother me too much. There’s only one thing I can not ignore – it stings my eyes badly! I’ve tried using it in several ways, but it doesn’t make any difference. So I would not recommend it if you have sensitive eyes.

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Kneipp Regeneration Activ Face Mask (2×5 ml)
This mask comes in two sachets, 5 ml each. I’ve used up one sachet in two uses, so it’s four applications in total. The consistency of the mask is thick and heavy. It feels moisturizing, so I think it’s perfect for those with drier skin types. If you have a dehydrated combination/oily skin, you can still use this regenerating mask on these annoying dry patches you want to get rid of. Its scent is similar to Cleansing Milk – strong and sweet. I can not think of any cons, except that maybe it might be too heavy for oily skin types. However, for me – it’s a certain repurchase.

See the ingredients:

Have you tried any products from Kneipp Naturkosmetik?

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I have the same face mask, but still didn’t try;) I hope I will like it also!

Organic Beauty Blogger

let me know your thoughts after trying it out! x


The scent of both sounds really nice and the cleanser sounds lovely, bit of a shame about it stinging though x

Organic Beauty Blogger

Yes, I don’t think I’m going to repurchase the cleansing milk because of stinging. However, now I’m really interested in Kneipp face serum!