An Experiment: Condition Wash Condition (CWC) Method

An-Experiment-Condition-Wash-Condition-Hair-Wash-Method-1Despite all the efforts I put into my haircare, I have dry hair ends. A nourishing hair conditioner is a must-have for me, so I’m always on a quest to find that perfect one. A while ago, I was browsing some beauty message boards when discovered a new hair cleansing system, called the Condition – Wash – Condition (CWC) method. The fundamental concept of this routine is to use your conditioner twice: before and after shampooing the hair. That sounded intriguing! I’m all about trying out new ways and methods, so how could I say no to an experiment like this?

How it’s really done:

1. Wet your hair and apply a conditioner all over avoiding your scalp, then leave for 5-15 minutes;
2. Gently rinse your scalp (only!) with shampoo. The key is NOT to use shampoo on hair ends;
3. Apply conditioner again, leave for 5-15 minutes;
4. Rinse hair with warm water;

I did this CWC experiment using John Masters Organics Lavender & Avocado Intensive Hair Conditioner (my favorite at the moment). Before going into the results, I want to describe my hair situation quickly: it’s a fantastic combination of oily roots and dry ends, which forces me to wash it every other day. Also, my hair is not dyed. I have been trying out this method for a few washes now, and, to be honest, don’t see any dramatic changes. Not what a hair mask or some other intense treatment could not manage. The hair feels soft, but it’s still frizzy and dry as usual.

Have you tried the CWC method?



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