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Selia and Co Organic Vegan Skincare With TeaA couple of years ago, I discovered a new natural and vegan skincare brand, which had organic, fair-trade tea as the main ingredient for their facial masks. Interesting, I thought. The brand was called Selia & Co, and as it turned out, these masks were absolutely incredible (here’s the full review).

But Selia & Co skincare is not just skincare. Oh no. It’s a ritual. Each time you’re using their tea masks or their oils, or skin tonics, it’s like you’re having a mini spa with products packed with healing, soothing, and skin protecting ingredients. Also, it wouldn’t be me if I would not give even a short shout out about their sleek, minimalist glass packaging 💖

Selia Geranium and White Tea Skin TonicSelia & Co Geranium + White Tea Skin Tonic* 60ml / $26
I’ve always admired skincare with as few ingredients as possible (quality over quantity), and this is where I believe Selia & Co indeed carries the torch. The Skin Tonic has a total of only 6 components with the rose geranium hydrosol and alcohol-free witch hazel being at the top of the list. The scent is one of neroli essential oil, very gentle and relaxing.

Created to soothe and soften dry skin, this lightly hydrating skin tonic is what I’m currently using every single day. It’s perfect for my skin type (dry combination), but to be honest, it would be a positive match for any skin type (and in any weather). My skin feels very comfortable even after it dries out, which you probably know is pretty rare with toners. Overall, I can’t recommend it enough for anyone who likes gentle, soothing facial toners. You can also use it as a body spray, though I don’t know when and why would you want to waste such a precious product on something other than your face!

See the ingredients:

Rose geranium hydrosol*, alcohol-free witch hazel*, aloe vera*, white tea extract*, (leucidal) radish root ferment filtrate, neroli essential oil. *Organic. Vegan.

Selia and Co Goji Green Tea Overnight OilSelia & Co Goji + Green Tea Overnight Oil* 15ml / $32
Despite having skin with a tendency to get dry, I absolutely dread heavy facial oils. There’s nothing worse than a product that loads your skin with a thick layer that just sits there for the longest amount of time, refusing to sink in. Especially if that oil is the oil I use as my evening skincare. Of course, not all facial oils are like that, but if I manage to lay my hands on one that doesn’t do that, I’m going to talk about it. A lot! so that’s why you’re going to hear about this Goji + Green Tea Overnight Oil a lot.

It’s. Just. That. Good!

Like other Selia & Co skincare, this Overnight Oil is also created with the shortest ingredient list for maximum results (Figure of speech. I couldn’t actually tell what the maximum results would even look like  😀 ). Anyway, I mostly list key ingredients in my reviews, but with this list, I guess they are all key. So, there’s apricot oil infused with green tea, goji berry oil, organic squalene, and rosehip CO2 – this is the real antioxidant powerhouse if you’d ask me.

The oil’s texture itself feels really light. No sticky or gooey mess on the face (and on the pillow). It does make my skin feel hydrated, radiant and lovely instantly, yes. But the actual results are best visible in the morning – I’m absolutely in love with my skin. It just looks so even, vivid, and refreshed.

See the ingredients:

Apricot oil (infused with fair trade green tea)*, goji berry oil, squalene*, rosehip CO2*, Non-GMO vitamin E* Organic. Vegan.

Selia & Co skincare is available at their official website. Let me know if you’ve tried (or going to try) any of their products!

Inga | Organic Beauty Blogger
Inga | Organic Beauty Blogger

I’m Inga, the creator of this online place called Organic Beauty Blogger. Since 2013, I’ve been on a mission to redefine beauty by sharing my insights into the world of green beauty.

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