Organic Beauty Empties | February 2021

Organic Beauty Empties 2021 02Quick and brief last month’s organic beauty empties post for you today!
Black Chicken Remedies Nocturnalist Night Serum (30ml) was an absolutely fantastic nourishing oil serum. I enjoyed everything about it, from its exclusive scent to its ability to hydrate the skin. My only complaint is that as a night serum, it is pretty thick, but this helped a lot during the months when my skin was super dehydrated.

John Masters Organics Antioxidant Cream (30ml) is one of the day creams that I keep repurchasing from time to time. It’s rich in antioxidant ingredients, has a pleasant texture, and great skin moisturizing properties. I have a full post written here. My only complaint is its faulty packaging. You can see in the photo just how much product is still in a bottle that I can’t get out – a little less than a half! It seems that the nozzle just stopped working. I’ve tried getting the cream out in different ways, but nothing worked, so I’m throwing it away. Such a huge waste, and it costs a pretty penny, too. Other than that, as you can see from my previous review, it’s a lovely face cream.

John Masters Organics Hair Milk (30ml) is one of those hair leave-in conditioners perfect for thin, frizzy hair. Although my highlighted hair requires heavier products, I used this hair milk up as a lovely addition to my haircare routine. Would I repurchase it? Not really, but I know many people who enjoy using it.

Evanhealy Rose Geranium Facial Tonic (30ml), together with the Evanhealy Rosehip Treatment (4ml), are from the Oil + Water Balancing Calming Ritual set. I used both of these products simultaneously and loved them. The Tonic prepped the skin for the Treatment, and my skin was left highly moisturized after both of these products. I finished the Treatment way before I finished the Tonic, but I used the latter quickly too.

Have you tried any of these organic beauty empties?

Inga | Organic Beauty Blogger
Inga | Organic Beauty Blogger

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