NEW IN: Organic Beauty Spring Haul

Organic Beauty Haul John Masters and LogonaOld out, new in! These are items that I purchased last week. So I can’t hold back and want to share with you what I bought:

John Masters Organics Bare Detangler (236 ml)
My love for John Masters Organics detanglers is enormous. So big that I could not resist after seeing it one sale at almost half-price. I still have a bit of Intelligent Nutrients Leave-In Conditioner left but not much, so I will start using this detangler soon.

Logona Volume Mascara (Black)
I’ve heard some good words about this mascara from other green beauty bloggers, so this is what I’m curious about the most. I hope it will live up to its promises and intensify my lashes with volume and definition.

Organic Beauty Haul 2014 MarchSante Goji Power Shower Gel (200 ml)
I received this shower gel for Christmas from my friend. I liked it, so repurchased it. It’s a simple, invigorating shower gel for everyday use.

Acure Organics Volume Shampoo (237 ml)
Another item that I’m eager to try. The shampoo is formulated for normal to fine/limp hair, so if it will make my hair clean and give the promised intense volume, we will be best friends forever.

Moom Natural Wax Stripes for Face & Bikini (20 stripes)
I am not going to get into much detail about sugaring but if you are interested, here’s a post about why sugaring is better for you and your body than convenient waxing. I like these Moom sugar wax stripes a lot.

Have you tried these products?


Inga | Organic Beauty Blogger
Inga | Organic Beauty Blogger

I’m Inga, the creator of this online place called Organic Beauty Blogger. Since 2013, I’ve been on a mission to redefine beauty by sharing my insights into the world of green beauty.

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Naturally Paula (@saints09chick)

I’ve tried two of the products you’ve ordered. The Logona mascara and Acure shampoo. While I did have a bit of a learning curve with the mascara, I now really enjoy it. I was apparently putting my skincare on a bit wild and kept getting facial oil on my eyelashes and did not realize it. That in turn was causing the mascara to not preform to it’s fullest. Just make sure as not to do what I did 😉 I also only wear mascara on my upper lashes and I’ve enjoyed it for that. The Acure shampoo did not work… Read more »

10 years ago

The John Masters detangler is amazing! I used it when I went away to Iceland as part of a travel kit and it was a life saver, as well as having the most lovely scent. I’ve also tried the Logona mascara, which I know people rave about, but I actually found it quite clumpy and flakey, but hopefully you’ll get on with it a bit better! I’m also quite curious about sugar waxing, think I’ll definitely have a read of that post 🙂 x

10 years ago

These sound great! Very keen on the sound of John Masters detangler and would love to hear how you get on with the mascara xx

10 years ago

Lovely haul! I have to try this Acure shampoo, I’m obsessed with the orange one but I’d love to have more voulme too! :)) xx

Hephzibah (@GFMGFY)
10 years ago

I’m interested to hear about the sugar waxing – definitely off to read your post about it. I’ve only tried the detangler in a sachet but I really did like it. I’m trying a Giovanni one at the moment, but I think it’s contributing a little to the static in my frizz! xx

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