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Naturlig Deo Grapefruit Natural Deodorant

Deodorants are never my most-read posts, but I keep reviewing them anyway. Because I know there are girls out there who, like me, are always searching for the perfect NATURAL deodorant. One of my recent discoveries is Naturlig Deo deodorant* from a Swedish company Nordic Eco Care. Their most popular deodorant Grapefruit won Organic Beauty Awards last year, and after using it for a couple of weeks, I can understand why.

I’ve tried a countless number of natural deodorants over 10 years of using natural products, and my main issue, surprisingly, wasn’t that they didn’t work (a great deal of them do at least a decent job), but it was their texture. Most of them are too hard to apply. Others, stain the clothing (which shouldn’t even be the case in the 21st century, you know what I mean?), and so on. So what got me so excited about the Naturlig Deo from the first use was its soft, butter-like consistency. It is so easy to work with! Neither my hands nor my armpits were left greasy or stained because it got absorbed instantly. (*snaps fingers*) Just like that!

Naturlig Deo Organic Deodorant

Another thing that I like is its scent. I’ve been all about citrus scents lately, so maybe this is the reason why it’s so appealing to me. But I just enjoy how soft, gentle, and refreshing it is. There are two other scents to choose from (Coconut, Lavender) as well as unscented.

Speaking about the ingredients, it contains:
– Organic unscented coconut oil (moisturizing and antibacterial)
– Organic cornstarch, (absorbs moisture)
– Baking soda, (eliminates sweat odors)
– Organic jojoba oil (caring and moisturizing)
– Organic carnauba wax, (protective and consistency regulator)
– Organic grapefruit oil, (bergapten-free and antibacterial natural fragrance)
As you can see, it does contain baking soda. I don’t have any issue with it whatsoever, but I know some people develop a sensitivity to it. If you’re one of them, unfortunately, Naturlig Deo does not have any deodorants without baking soda yet, but who knows, maybe they will in the future.

Naturlig Deo Organic Deodorant Grapefruit

And we come to the last bit, which is probably the most important one – how long does the protection last. Because I tend to sweat a lot, I try to reapply my natural deodorant twice (or even more times) a day. This helps a great deal because otherwise, my pits rarely make it till the evening. Overall, this is not the strongest natural deodorant out there, but it’s definitely one of the most pleasant to use.

Naturlig Deo is available on their website here in various sizes, check them out!

What is your favorite natural deodorant? Please share!

Inga | Organic Beauty Blogger
Inga | Organic Beauty Blogger

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