Guest Post: DIY Hair Growth Mask

DIY Hair Growth Mask RecipeI’m very excited to have Anna, an eco-conscious, creative beauty blogger from All U Are guest posting here today. Anna is no stranger to a healthy lifestyle as she’s a vegetarian. She also posts DIY, beauty, and health related topics on her blog. Today she’s sharing a DIY mask recipe for hair growth.

Have you ever thought of setting up a spa day for yourself? Sometimes we just need to relax, calm down, and heal ourselves inside and out. Of course, some of us just can’t take a day off to simply procrastinate and meditate, but it is always a matter of our decision. My first advice to start your DIY beauty tradition by making a hair mask once a week. Usually, I do it on weekends so no one is bothering me and I have some time for myself. The hair mask that I want to share with you is great for hair growth stimulation, hair conditioning and, also, it makes your hair shine. 3 in 1, indeed.

2 tablespoons of cayenne pepper tincture (you can find it in your local pharmacy or make it at home)
1 tablespoon of Castor oil
1 egg yolk
2 spoons of warm water
Shower cap
A towel

The preparation is very simple, just mix all the ingredient together in a cup or a bowl, whatever works best for you. Personally, I use a soup bowl that is made out of glass. I do not trust plastic because it might contain a lot of harmful chemicals. The next step is applying the substance onto your hair roots and scalp. You can do it with a tablespoon and fingers. However, if you have a water resistant glove it is better to use it, cayenne pepper can be crazy sometimes. Apply the mix all over your scalp in massaging motions, then put your shower cap on and then roll a towel around your head, so the warmth will be saved under your cap. This mask should burn your scalp a little. Don’t be scared if it does, because those hair follicles need to be irritated. Leave the mask for 30-60 minutes depending on how much you can handle the burning. 1 hour would not damage your skin, so don’t be afraid about that. I did it many times.

This mask helps to wake up your “sleeping” hair follicles that we all have. This is done with the use of cayenne pepper. It literally irritates your scalp and hair follicles, which creates an exponential hair growth. Castor oil is also a very important ingredient for hair growth. It consists a lot of beneficial nutrients, Vitamin E, minerals, and protein. When you use castor oil regularly, it boosts your blood circulation, same as cayenne pepper, which then leads to hair growth. Also, it is a great moisturizer, and it gives your hair a shiny look. Egg yolk is responsible for hair conditioning and hair strengthening. Also, it makes your hair soft and silky.

When you rinse this hair mask, please use only warm water. Hot water will literally boil your egg yolk so you will face a lot of trouble removing it from your hair. Also, be careful and never touch your eyes while washing your hair after this mask. Cayenne pepper is a pain when it gets into your eyes, even a little bit. Believe me, I made this mistake once. Wash your hands properly after the shower. Voila! I highly recommend you doing this mask once a week for a few months for visible results.

Inga | Organic Beauty Blogger
Inga | Organic Beauty Blogger

I’m Inga, the creator of this online place called Organic Beauty Blogger. Since 2013, I’ve been on a mission to redefine beauty by sharing my insights into the world of green beauty.

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9 years ago

I wrote about using oils on my hair over on my blog, I use Mustard oil as it also stimulates the scalp to promote hair growth. This mask looks great, def will try this out. x

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