Everyday Organic Makeup Essentials And Favorites

organicbeautyblogger.com“What’s In My Makeup Bag” posts are one of my favorites to read on other green beauty blogs. So, today I wanted to do a quick post about my current everyday makeup essentials.

Liquid foundation:
Zao Organic Silk Foundation
I’ve already shared my thoughts about this foundation, so I’m not going to talk too much about it. There are several reasons that I’d like to point out why this liquid foundation is one of my everyday essentials: it’s the perfect shade and tone for me (which is hard to come by if you have fair skin), it’s long-lasting, and if I apply it carefully, it looks flawless on my skin. The downside of this foundation is that it does cling to dry patches, so I have to moisturize my face really well before application.

Blushes & bronzers
L’eclisse Mineral Blush in Pink Sapphire*
This blush is from L’eclisse Holiday Glow set that was released last year, but it’s also available as a separate item. It’s a cool-toned dark pink blush with a matte finish. It’s nicely pigmented, so little goes a long way with this blush. The packaging, oh the packaging, is absolutely adorable and stylish.

Neobio Organic Blush in French Rose
I reviewed a few Neobio beauty products on the blog, but if you haven’t heard about this German organic and vegan beauty brand, I’ll tell you that they have some good and affordable makeup products. I’ve never tried a baked blush before, so it was interesting to give this one a try. It’s a golden rose blush with a pearl finish. It does have a few glitters here and there if you look up closely, but overall it looks pearly and luminous. The blush is not highly pigmented, so doesn’t stay long.

Purely You Minerals Pressed Bronzer*
I’m not big on using bronzers during the day, but I like to do some contouring for my evening makeup. I like this bronzer for several reasons: it’s pigmentation and luminosity. Speaking about pigmentation, you need just barely touch the product, and it’s enough for the whole makeup. Impressive! Also, the bronzer is slightly luminous, so it’s perfectly suitable for evening makeup. Unfortunately, even though it’s a lovely product, I find that it’s too warm for my complexion, so I’m using it as a backup for now until I’ll find a cool-toned/neutral bronzer.

Ere Perez Compact Highlighter
I would call this highlighter the best makeup find of the year! I love everything about it and can’t get enough of it every time I apply makeup. It makes complexion to appear more bright, healthy, and radiant. Unfortunately, I broke the case so I can not carry it in my bag anymore, but it’s still one of my essentials.

Eye makeup:
100% Pure Eyeshadow Cream Pencil Stick in Chocolate/Champagne
Not to sound weird, but I barely wear eyeshadow during the day. I barely do it in the evening either, but when I do, I like to use this 100% Pure eyeshadow cream-stick. It’s very easy to apply and blend in well even for an eyeshadow beginner like me. Also, because I don’t use the cream-stick very often, it will probably last me, well, forever.

Boho Volume & Green Mascara
I’ll save you the time and say that it’s really good. The only (and the most important) downside about this mascara is that it’s not widely available (not available in the US at all, and only available in few online stores in Europe).


Lip products:
Benecos Lipstick in Pink Rose
Benecos was one of the first brands that I switched to when I got interested in natural beauty products (that was over six years ago, can you believe it?) and, although, I haven’t tried that many of its products, those that I had tried, were excellent and reasonably priced. Pink Rose is the dusty pink color with a matte finish and a perfect color for everyday wear. I wish the lipstick would be more hydrating, but I don’t know any matte lipsticks that wouldn’t be more or less drying, so I’m not blaming Benecos for this. The solution I have is to apply a clear lip balm or Pacifica lip tint for additional hydration, and the problem is solved.

Pacifica Color Quench Lip Tint in Blood Orange
If you have never tried any of Pacifica makeup before, I urge you to take a peek at its range. Everything from its mascaras to face products to lip products receives only good reviews. Pacifica Lip Tint in Blood Orange is yet another lovely product. Basically, it’s a really hydrating lip balm with color, so it’s comfortable to wear. Blood Orange is most definitely warm-toned coral color, which gives “your lips, but better” look. It has mixed swatches online, so I though it would be less warm-toned, so if you’re looking for a beautiful and moisturizing coral lip tint, this is a great choice. I’m definitely interested in trying more colors from this lip tint range in the future.


Current Everyday Makeup Essentials Swatches

Have you tried any of these makeup products? What are your everyday makeup essentials?


Inga | Organic Beauty Blogger
Inga | Organic Beauty Blogger

I’m Inga, the creator of this online place called Organic Beauty Blogger. Since 2013, I’ve been on a mission to redefine beauty by sharing my insights into the world of green beauty.

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