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Vedani Botanicals Organic SkincareIt’s not every day that I have a chance to discover a new organic skincare company as lovely as Vedani Botanicals. Born from a passion for skin care and aromatherapy, this brand has 17 years of expertise in creating pure skincare for women and men.

Now, please, let’s take a minute to admire the packaging! Organic skincare companies have definitely stepped up their game by turning their product packaging into real art. These floral patterns look so adorable and luxurious! It’s not only the packaging that’s luxurious, but it also seems recently I’ve been lucky in discovering cleansers that suit my skin perfectly well and are enjoyable to use. It’s a big deal because my skin is usually very picky when it comes to skin care. If your skin is dry, dehydrated, and begs for moisture, keep reading.

Vedani Botanicals Organic Rich CleanserVedani Botanicals Rich Cleanser*
Vedani Botanicals describes this rich cleanser as a luxurious oil blend that leaves skin feeling balanced, healthy, hydrated, and comfortable. The description couldn’t be more on point. This is an oil cleanser, which contains a bunch of rich organic oils such as hemp seed oil, avocado oil, hazelnut oil, and, one of my favorites, tamanu oil. Tamanu oil is one of the most healing, rejuvenating, and calming oils there is. It can proudly be called a holy grail for a sensitive, damaged or acne-prone skin.

If you have been reading my past posts, you know that, until recently, I was avoiding oil cleansing for reasons I can’t imagine myself. I still have a few foam cleansers on my wishlist, but for colder seasons, like fall and winter, my skin loves using heavier and softer cleansing products. The use of this cleanser is simple: just pump a few drops of this cleanser into your palm (the directions on the bottle recommend 2-3 pumps, but 5-6 pumps work better for me) and massage it onto the face and neck. I find that it’s best to use the cleanser on the warm and damp face instead of using it on dry skin, but you can use it the way you prefer. The last step is to remove the cleanser (along with all the impurities) with a warm damp muslin cloth. Beautiful, soft, and healthy looking skin is guaranteed.

See the ingredients:

Rich Cleanser No.23 goes for $30/£24 for 50g.

Vedani Botanicals Rich Anti-Ageing MoisturiserVedani Botanicals Rich Anti-Ageing Moisturiser*
Another goodie from Vedani Botanicals is its Rich Anti-Ageing Moisturiser. First of all, I want to comment on a subject about brands marketing their products as “anti-aging”. I strongly agree with opinions that aging isn’t something that should be cured, but rather embraced, so having the term “anti-aging” on a bottle of a skincare product might make women or men subconsciously feel guilty about being of a certain age. On the other hand, dry skin especially has a tendency of showing signs of aging, such as becoming thin and lacking moisture, too early if not taken care properly (and it’s not only skincare products that I’m talking about). Which isn’t a good thing either because these conditions might lead to other skincare problems like spots, broken capillaries, etc. Still, having these two arguments in mind, I think that it would be more beneficial for brands to use other phrases to describe their products, which would let their customers identify with, instead of this one catchy “anti-aging” marketing cliche.

Speaking about the Rich Moisturiser, it’s a lovely blend of organic plant ingredients. It has a gentle geranium scent, which disappears once the oil is applied on the skin. Three pumps of this oil fully cover my face and neck, leaving my skin comfortable and hydrated. It’s also fast absorbent with a satin finish. I recommend this moisturizer using together with Vedani Botanicals Rich Cleanser, which I mentioned above, for better results, since they compliment each other so well. The moisturizer on its own is a little too light for my dry skin. I still could feel dry patches on my cheeks, which was solved by adding the Rich Cleanser to the routine.

See the ingredients:

Rich Anti-Ageing Moisturiser No.33 goes for $41/£33 for 30g.

Have you tried Vedani Botanicals? Which product is your favorite?

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Mademoiselle nature

Looking super gorgeous! but they are both oil-based, right?

Hello, thank you! Sorry for the long reply ahead, but we are passionate about our oil! Yes our cleansers and moisturisers are 100% natural oil. We want to create products that are as natural as possible.This type of formulation allows us to stay away from many unwanted ingredients. The correct selection of oils makes the most efficient cleansers and moisturisers. Cleansing with oils may seem out of the ordinary. However, oils not only easily mix with the skin oil (sebum) and lift the make-up and dirt off but, as opposed to harsh, detergent based cleansers, help the skin retain its… Read more »
Christina Gordon
Christina Gordon

Gorgeous products -and very nice packaging. I use Vedani’s no.32 moisturiser. My skin feels great all day long and I’m able to apply my make up straight away. Also because you only need a couple of drops I find it very economical. I use to use high end creams but am converted to this oil now, absolutely love it x

I feel I have to comment on these luxurious products. I have been using both the cleanser and moisturiser (No 32) for some 5 months now and have to say my skin is in perfect health. I used to use hi end products and spend a fortune but after using Verdani Botanicals I am now converted. It only takes 2 mins in the morning to cleanse and moisturise. My skin is soft, clear, glowing and dewy and stays like that all day. These products are so natural and as you only need a small amount they are also very economical.… Read more »

I’ve been trying their No 21 and 31 cleanser and moisturiser and I’m really enjoying them. I am a sucker for packaging and absolutely ADORE Vedani’s, it’s so pretty!


Wow, what a gorgeous packaging!<3 xx