Lavera September Haul #2

I like Lavera a lot, so when I get a chance to glance at its products, I always end up purchasing something. Lavera is a great organic, cruelty-free beauty brand with everything from skincare to makeup. I am very pleased with this haul because it includes haircare products that were launched recently, and I was curious to try them.

Lavera Apple Shampoo (200ml)
I am a long time devotee of Lavera Apple Milk Shampoo, so when this new Apple Shampoo showed up, I was definitely scared the Apple Milk might be discontinued. But before loading my house with supposedly discontinued shampoo bottles, I thought I should at least give a try to this novelty. It turned out to be a good shampoo. Good, but not great. It does its job perfectly by cleansing and leaving hair soft and shiny. There are just a couple of things lacking – it’s less thick and doesn’t add as much volume to the roots like the old Apple Milk Shampoo did. However, it smells the same as fresh apples. With its price lower and ingredient list shorter, I would say it’s like an economical version of the previous Apple Milk Shampoo.

See the ingredients:

Lavera Apple Conditioner (200ml)
This was launched recently along with the new Apple Shampoo. Although it seems thick and creamy, it’s a lightweight conditioner for normal hair. It gives hydration and smoothes hair ends a little, but nothing too dramatic. It also smells like delicious apples. I would say it’s a simple budget product for every day.

See the ingredients:

Lavera Basis Sensitiv Toothpaste (75ml)
Fluoride-free, infused with sea salt, propolis, and echinacea extract. Great toothpaste, which I keep repurchasing over.

See the ingredients:

Samples from left to right:

Lavera Grape Nourishing Hair Treatment
A new product as well. It’s for normal to damaged hair and does its job very well. It makes my frizzy hair smooth without weighing them down. There’s only one downside to this product – it’s only available in 10 ml sachets, which is a shame because I would buy a full-size product without giving a second thought.

See the ingredients:

The last two are Lavera Regenerating Face Mask – a small gift for my friend. Her skin is dry, and she says this mask gives enough hydration. And a sample of Lavera Natural Liquid Foundation in 02 Ivory.

What do you think of Lavera products? Any favorites?

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