Radiant Skin: Terre dOc Natural BB Cream Swatches

Terre-Doc-Natural-BB-Cream-Foundation-1BB (stands for Blemish Balm or Beauty Balm) creams have been a massive hype for the past few years and, although new CC and DD creams are popping up like mushrooms, BBs are still the ones dominating the market. Mostly, because they are designed to be multi-taskers, and who doesn’t want a product that promises to achieve what many foundations fail to, and just with one bottle. It used to be 3 in 1 creams in the beginning, but nowadays most BB creams, like Terre d’Oc Natural BB Cream, are 4 in 1: foundation, concealer, moisturizer, and even a highlighter.

Terre d’Oc Natural BB Cream has a light texture and is very pleasant to apply with a brush or fingers (I recommend using a brush). It settles on the skin very nicely and feels highly hydrating. If you have normal/combination skin, you could even apply it without your daily moisturizer. Its coverage is light, something between a tinted moisturizer and a liquid foundation. It evens out the skin tone, but neither fully covers redness, nor conceals spots. I absolutely love its finish – my skin looks fresh, glowy, and radiant, perfect for spring and summer.

See the ingredients:

Terre d'oc BB Cream Radiant Foundation

I have dry skin, and this BB hasn’t disappointed me so far. However, if your skin is oily, you can still give this BB Cream a go, but make sure to settle your makeup with a powder.

terre-doc-natural-bb-foundation-cream-swatchesComes in three shades:
951 Petale Rose suitable for fair to light skin shades (this one is the most fitting for my pale skin), with neutral undertones;
952 Rose des Sable suitable for light to medium skin shades, with warm undertones;
953 Sable Dore suitable for medium to dark skin tones, with warm undertones.

Have you tried this Terre d’Oc BB cream?

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mademoiselle Nature

Nice ! How is the finish? x

Organic Beauty Blogger

It gives a lovely radiant glow to the skin 🙂