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Organic Leave In Hair TreatmentsThe only thing that keeps my hair tamed is an effective leave-in conditioner. No matter what regular conditioners or hair masks I use, I always end up applying a leave-in treatment on my hair to make it softer and more manageable. John Masters Organics detanglers have been doing a pretty good job so far, but you know how this works – curiosity is blogger’s nature, so I put my usual leave-ins aside, and added Intelligent Nutrients Leave-In Conditioner and Lavera Rose Repair & Care Hair Fluid to my haircare routine.

Intelligent Nutrients Leave-in Conditioner  (60 ml)
Intelligent Nutrients Leave-in Conditioner is a light conditioner, which is perfect for everyday use. It’s also suitable for heat protection, so you don’t have to worry (or have to worry less) when you blow-dry or style hair with heat. I recommend using it only for the ends of the hair because it is pretty intense.
You will be amazed by its ingredient list, because, oh my gosh, it’s full of healthy ingredients such as red raspberry seed oil, orange peel oil (both are shine enhancers), red grape seed oil (scalp calming), and lavender and rosemary oils. One thing I’m not happy about is its intense scent. It’s some kind of earthy, herbal scent, which is just too powerful for me to use on a daily basis.

See the ingredients:

Lavera Rose Repair & Care Hair Serum (30 ml)
It’s a leave-in hair serum for stressed hair with split ends, which means it has a lighter consistency than any usual leave-in treatment. This serum provides hydration and leaves the hair smoother and noticeably less frizzy. It comes in a small 30 ml bottle with a pump, which may seem like it’s not a lot of product, but it lasts a while. The serum can be used on damp hair or on dry hair. It works both ways, but I find it the most effective when using on dry hair. It has a mild rose scent, which evaporates quickly.

See the ingredients:

Intelligent Nutrients Leave-in Conditioner has been discontinued. Lavera Rose & Repair Serum is available online at Lavera (US) and Pravera (UK/rest of Europe) for approx. $20/£7.

Have you tried these leave-in hair treatments? Would love to hear your thoughts!


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This looks to good! My hair’s always woofting around and maybe a leave in treatment would tame it a bit xx

Organic Beauty Blogger

You should try it, leave-ins can be a real rescue 🙂 I also like oils as leave-in treatments, but it’s sometimes hard dose them right, so I end up with greasy-looking hair 🙂 Conditioners/serums are much easier to use.


Lavera serum seems interesting.. I definitely need some hydration for my split ends O_o
Thanks for sharing =)

Organic Beauty Blogger

I’m glad you find the post useful, Federica! Lavera serum is great!