Natural Face Masks For Instant Glowing Skin

Spring is that time of the year when we all want to get our natural glow back! And the best way to do that is by making sure you eat healthily, drink loads of water, and use natural, glow-enhancing skincare. Facial masks, of course, is the quickest way to achieve skin radiance and luminosity. Here are a few that I’ve been using lately:

Evolve Radiant Glow Mask* (60ml / approx $27 -£20) made with raw cacao seed powder and coconut shell powder. This mask smells divine! Honestly, I resist the strong urge to taste it every time I apply it. What I’m iffy about is its consistency. Since the oils tend to separate from the rest of the ingredients, I find it somewhat difficult to mix them back together. I should probably put the mask in a fridge to see if this would make a difference.

Other than that, I enjoy this mask a lot. It’s very simple to use: apply it straight from the jar on clean skin and leave for 5 minutes before rinsing it off with warm water. It combines gentle exfoliating and moisturizing ingredients so you can expect a notably soft and nourished skin. And with all those unwanted dry patches gone! It also provides a subtle healthy-looking radiance.

See the ingredients:

Isla Apothecary Refine + Radiate Beautifying Face Mask* (120g / approx $30 – £22) stole my heart with its gorgeous packaging and pure, active ingredients. Coconut milk powder, Red Sandalwood wood powder, and Turmeric root powder combine their powers to exfoliate and soothe even the most sensitive skin. It has a sweet coconut scent with a touch of turmeric.

This mask comes as a powder so you can mix it with any liquid you like. Use hydrosols or just water to get a paste-like consistency, which looks super orange and a bit funny! Apply the paste to a clean, dry face. Be careful to avoid sensitive areas such as the under-eye zone. Keep for 10-15 minutes before rinsing it off. It might leave the skin slightly yellow if you remove it with only water, so use a toner or micellar water to remove the traces. Even after the first use, my skin looked noticeably brighter and evener. It also felt very soft to the touch, though I needed to use a moisturizer after. I choose to follow up with rosehip oil for even more glow.

See the ingredients:

Madara SOS Instant Moisture + Radiance Hydra Mask (60ml / approx $40 – £35)
I have sung so many praises about this mask on the blog and Instagram that I’m not sure there’s anything left to say without seeming too preachy or obsessed. Or maybe I am obsessed, and there’s no shame in that because this mask is so.darn.good! It’s my go-to mask when my skin goes crazy or dry, or crazy being dry. It has a sweet-scented creamy texture, which quenches my thirsty skin by leaving it revived and radiant. What I also like is that it can be used as an overnight treatment, if you need some extra TLC.

See the ingredients:

What are your go-to masks for instant glow? Have you tried any of these masks mentioned above?

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I love the Madara SOS face mask! Used it for the first time this week – thanks for the recommendation!

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