Germany Beauty Haul

I’m finally back from my trip to Germany and Austria. It lasted 8 days, and I loved every second of it. Germany is such a beautiful country with its old mysterious castles, and Austria stole my heart with stunning mountain scenery of the Alps. Of course, I had a full day of shopping! And how could I not when Germany is the country where most of my favorite beauty brands come from. I didn’t get anything that I was already familiar with (Lavera Hair Serum is an exception) because I wanted to try new things. So, here’s what I brought home with me:

Hair & Body: Alterra Naturkosmetik Volume Shampoo
Alterra Naturkosmetik Koffein Shampoo
Alterra Naturkosmetik Hair Mask
Sodasan Liquid Soap With Citrus & Olive
Lavera Hair Serum

Beauty Haul Skin CareSkin care: Cattier Yellow Clay Mask for sensitive skin
Alterra Naturkosmetik Face Foam for all skin types
Tautropfen Hyaluronate Moisturising Cream

Beauty Haul Mascaras 1

Make-up (mascaras only): Lavera Butterfly Effect Mascara in Black
Alterra Naturkosmetik Max Lash Booster Mascara in Black
Alterra Naturkosmetik Extreme Volume Mascara in Black

The reason why I got mascaras only was because I didn’t have much time to choose. I was also interested in Alterra liquid foundation, but the lightest shade seemed a bit too pink for me.

Did you have any beauty hauls recently? Share your links in the comments!

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Oh, please do a show-and-tell on the Alterra mascaras! I am planning on letting my friend send me some of Alterrra stuff from Germany and would like to know about the mascaras. I like them big πŸ™‚


Nice haul! I’m really curious about Alterra products, it’s very similar to Alverde but we don’t have it in our country..oh and what about the Terra Naturi blush? :)) xx


Oh my goodness you put my Amsterdam buying to shame I only picked up one thing and now I wish I didn’t as it cost me like Β£10 more!! Love the sound of the products you picked up though, I’ve never heard of any of them apart from Lavera. Thanks for sharing! πŸ™‚


What a coincidence! The same day I came back from Germany. πŸ™‚
Aan also with a big bag of cosmetics. (It’s normal for beauty bloggers, isn’t it?) πŸ˜‰
I haven’t shopped in Rossmann (we have their shops in Poland, but… now I see it – we don’t have all cosmetics – I’ve never seen Alterra mascaras…).
Well, I’ve missed Rossmann in Germany, but I’ve bought a lot of things in their Drogerie Markt (I like their green brand Alverde – cheap but good cosmetics).

Great post! I also just wrote up a post of my favorite german beauty products that I stock up on when I’m there. What do you like about the Lavera hair serum? It’s the only product you get regularly so it must be awesome?

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