Carol’s Beauty Natural Sun Tanning Enhancers

Carols Beauty Natural Sun Tan EnhancersSummer is approaching fast, bringing sunny and warm weather, so many of us are getting ready to hit the beach. As much as I love the sea and the beach, I mostly spend my time under an umbrella or in a shadow. However, I know that not all of you are like me. I know that many girls don’t mind getting some vitamin D and a slightly tanned summer skin, so I thought these natural Sun Tanning Enhancers by Carol’s Beauty would be interesting to review. The Enhancers come in two forms – the Sun Tanning Enhancer Oil* (30ml sample) and the Sun Tanning Enhancer Lotion* (30ml sample). Both of the products have the same ingredient list, containing natural sunflower, carrot and, almond oils, except the lotion is thickened with natural beeswax (also, both of these products contain carmine if you try to avoid it). These enhancers have a pleasant, sweet scent, which quickly disappears after application. I’ve tried applying each of these enhancers on my skin, and they both feel very hydrating. I would prefer the lotion over the oil just because it’s easier to mix with my sunscreen lotion.

See the ingredients:

This is very important! How to use: mix any of the enhancers with a sunscreen of minimum SPF15 and apply it evenly on the body. Please do not use these enhancers without any additional SPF. You are supposed to use a sunscreen at all times when you’re being exposed to the sun anyway, so do not skip this, especially while sun tanning. Also, avoid sunbathing between 10 am and 2 pm to avoid the harshest sun. With or without a sunscreen it can be dangerous during this time.

Do you use sun tanning enhancers? What’s your opinion about products like this?

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