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Brickell Organic Mens Products 2When it comes to organic beauty, we, girls, are lucky. There are hundreds of products to choose from that have all the right ingredients and lovely scents and, of course, works well. There are not that many products formulated specifically for men, though. Sure, many beauty products are suitable for both sexes, but men also need things like face shaving creams or aftershave lotions. Also, not all ingredients are equally suitable for men and women (let’s say, some essential oils).

I could go on about this for hours, but I’ll stop and introduce you to Brickell Men’s Products. This is a relatively new organic skincare brand from the US, formulated for our men. Brickell creates its products not only with the finest organic oils and extracts but also presents them in a modern (and recyclable!) packaging.

Brickell Organic Mens Shave Cream 3Brickell Shave Cream for Men* (60ml, travel size)
A thick, rich shave cream with a neutral scent. The Shave Cream is packed with highly moisturizing cacao butter, shea butter, castor seed oil, and jojoba seed oil to keep the skin nourished and ensure safe shaving without any cuts and nicks. The cream also contains a small amount of lavender distillate and aloe vera juice to maintain skin calm and hydrated.

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Brickell Organic Mens After Shave 3Brickell Men’s Aftershave* (30ml, travel size)
An extremely light, but nourishing After-Shave Lotion, formulated without alcohol. Instead, it contains calendula, hyaluronic acid, and bilberry fruit extract. These ingredients repair and calm the skin after shaving. The Aftershave also has a neutral scent. My husband is enjoying this one a lot.

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Brickell Organic Mens Peppermint Lip Balm 2Brickell Men’s No-Shine Lip Balm For Men* (4.5g)
A lip balm with soothing organic calendula and coconut oil, which gives moisture to dry, chapped lips. The lip balm contains an SPF 15. However, I would prefer that it would come from mineral filters instead of chemical filters (mineral filters protect skin by deflecting or blocking the UV rays while chemical filters protect by absorbing them). The lip balm has a strong, but pleasant peppermint scent. The best part is the no shine finish.

See the ingredients:

What do you think about these products from Brickell?

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Yay! Paul hates when I buy him girly things, might have to get him these for Christmas!

Organic Beauty Blogger

My Dad was also really impressed by that aftershave! Which is close to a miracle, because he never likes stuff I give him to try.