Benecos Duo: Natural Blush and Nail Polish

Benecos Makeup Duo Blush And Nail PolishThese two beauty products from Benecos have been my favorites these past few weeks. Benecos Natural Powder Blush in Mallow Rose is a well-pigmented matte pink color. Not Barbie pink, but more like medium dusty pink with a cool/neutral undertone. The packaging is a simple, clear recyclable plastic box.

See the ingredients:

Benecos Natural Blush Mallow RoseBenecos Nail Polish in My Secret is another lovely product from this brand. Benecos nail polish is 5-free and vegan. Color My Secret is a deep pink, more towards plum, with a shiny finish. This is not a long-lasting nail polish, it stays for two or so days until chipping. However, the color is beautiful, and Benecos has even more lovely colors in the range. The price for the 9 ml bottle is approx $12/£7.

Benecos Nail Polish in My Secret

Both of these products can be found at True Natural or any other Benecos stockist available in your country.

Have you tried Benecos cosmetics?

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LOVERLY! :0) I am in love with Benecos as a brand… I still need to try their mascara, I hear it’s a dream. What fun pink colors! :0) – Kathryne

Organic Beauty Blogger

Thank you, Kathryne! Their mascara is on my wish list too. Oh, and BB cream. The list just keeps getting longer.. 🙂


Aww yay I’m so glad you like the blush! I was going to get it too but it has carmine in it and I don’t use anything with carmine anymore 🙁 never mind! The nail varnish is such a pretty colour too xx

Organic Beauty Blogger

It’s gorgeous, really 🙂 You have a good point here, I think I should start mentioning if products contain carmine.


Uuu what a gorgeous nail polish colour!<3 Need that! Already love the blush, you should definitely try the Sassy Salmon as well 🙂 xx

Organic Beauty Blogger

Thanks, Jana! I saw swatches of Sassy Salmon on your blog a while ago, it looks real pretty on you. I’m a bit worried that it’s more suitable for warmer skin tones (mine is cool/neutral), any advice? 🙂