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AromaM Beauty Camellia Samples 1Camellia oil, made from Japanese Camellia buds, is considered one of the ancient beauty secrets in Asia. Especially, in Japan and China. Camellia oil is lightweight oil, rich in vitamins A & E, and an excellent moisturizer. I received a few samples from Aroma M Camellia* range, which I’m very excited to review. From left to right:

Camellia Bath & Body Oil has a strong scent from organic essential oils of jasmine, neroli, geranium, frankincense, and Moroccan rose oil. I used this oil for legs, and my skin absorbed it within seconds (almost no rubbing is required, yay!). It made the skin flaking disappear, and left the skin soft.

See the ingredients:

Camellia Face Oil has a similar scent, just more with oriental notes. I’m not a face oil kind of girl, but I really liked how it made my skin feel soft and smooth. This one didn’t sink in as fast as the Body Oil because it contains heavier oils like organic argan oil and organic evening primrose oil. However, it didn’t feel too greasy either.

See the ingredients:

Aroma M Camellia Oils 1Camellia Hair Oil has a softer scent than previously mentioned products. Like many hair oils, it can be used on damp or dry hair. You need only a tiny drop of the product so even the tiny tube like this will last you forever. This Hair Oil promises to nourish and hydrate the hair. Also, it leaves the hair smelling pleasant.

See the ingredients:

I want to highlight that all Aroma M Beauty Oils I received are very fragrant. I like the scent; however, it can be too much at times. But thumbs up for their ingredients because the brand picked the most valuable and effective organic oils there are.

Have you tried camellia oil? What’s your experience?

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Uuu these look interesting, lately I’ve been loving products with camellia oil! 🙂 xx

Organic Beauty Blogger

It’s my first encounter with Camellia oil, but it’s great, especially for hair! 🙂


I’ve never heard about this brand, but it seems interesting.