Alterra Organic Gentle Cleansing Foam

Alterra Face Foam Cranberry KiwiDespite having dry skin, I’m much more into using cleansing foam than cleansing milk for my skin. My all time favorite cleansing foam is by Aquabio, however, this Alterra cleanser is great as well. If you haven’t heard about Alterra before, it is German organic beauty brand with extremely affordable prices (I paid approximately 2 EUR for this 150 ml bottle, whaaat?). However, I don’t know where else it can be found except Germany, so lesson learned – don’t fall in love with a product, unless it’s easy to find and buy. Of course, this cleanser isn’t a miracle but does its job fantastically well.

See the ingredients:

Alterra Organic Face Foam All Skin Types

Alterra Organic Kiwi Cranberry Face WashAlterra’s Cleansing Foam comes in a recyclable plastic bottle with a pump. It’s easy to dose, and you don’t have to worry about spilling the product, which is perfect. It has a refreshing fruity scent. The cleanser itself is not too thick, but rather a bit runny. It’s packed with organic cranberry and kiwi extracts, known as skin brightening ingredients. The cleanser makes the skin feel clean and clear; however, you will most definitely need to use a moisturizer afterward. Most important, it doesn’t sting my eyes. Many cleansing products do, so I appreciate the ones that are gentle enough.

What’s your favorite cleanser? Have you tried Alterra?

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2 euros?! What a bargain!

Organic Beauty Blogger

I know, right? For a certified product.. unbelievable! 🙂

Lisa Carmichael

Interesting product!

Organic Beauty Blogger

Hi, Lisa! It’s great 🙂