Alterra Extreme Volume Mascara In Black

Alterra Organic Extreme Volume Mascara 1Alterra Extreme Volume Mascara in 01 Black is another item from my Germany Beauty Haul. The packaging of this mascara is a simple green mascara tube with an ordinary, medium size and density, brush. The mascara is comfortable to use without staining eyelids or under-eye area. But… yes, here comes a big, fat “but”. I don’t like the saying “you get what you pay for”, but this is exactly the case with this Alterra Extreme Volume Mascara (it retails for about 4 EUR for 9 ml tube). I can give it credit for nicely separating the lashes, but that’s it. If you like natural looking lashes with almost no volume and curl, then you might like the effect this mascara gives, but don’t expect anything too dramatic from it.

See the ingredients:

Alterra Extreme Volume natural mascara 2Moreover, not only this mascara doesn’t have anything to do with its title “Extreme Volume”, but it is short-lasting as well. It looks good on my lashes for about three or four hours and then starts to crumble and stain the under-eye area. At first, I thought that maybe it was hot weather causing this, but nothing changes on cooler days.

Have you tried Alterra mascaras?

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It looks nice if you’re going for that natural look but not much more! Atleast it was only 4 euros so you didn’t waste much money! x

Organic Beauty Blogger

I was expecting so much more from it! But yes, at least the price wasn’t that bad 🙂