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Lavera Butterfly Effect Natural Black MascaraI am pretty choosy when it comes to mascaras, and many of them get negative scores for not giving enough volume, enough curl, enough anything… I know some lucky girls who have naturally long and dense eyelashes (and like almost every mascara they try), but my eyelashes are nothing like that. I was hoping Lavera Butterfly Effect Mascara would give me exactly what I’m looking for – voluminous, dark lashes. Because it had a very promising title, it led me to think that such eyelashes are only moments away. Well, even three layers of this mascara don’t do much. What a disappointment!

See the ingredients:

Lavera Butterfly Effect Mascara Black

Lavera Butterfly Effect Black Mascara BrushThe wand of the Butterfly Effect mascara is not a typical wand. Instead of ordinary bristles, it has three rows of short spiky bristles. This kind of wand doesn’t help with volume, but it sure helps to prevent clumps and “spider lashes”. The final result was natural, accentuated eyelashes, perfect for a simple, everyday look. The mascara stayed in place for solid six hours and then started to crumble a little towards the evening. Would I buy it again? No, I like mascaras that give my lashes more volume. Would I recommend it? Yes, if you prefer darker, natural looking lashes.

Lavera Butterfly Effect Mascara Swatch-1

Lavera Butterfly Effect Mascara comes in a 11ml tube for $25/£20. If you’d like to try this mascara, you can find it online at Lavera or any of its stockists near you.

Have you tried Lavera mascaras?

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Totally agree – I did not see anything similar to butterfly on my eyes after using this mascara :))) Only a bit of color and that’s it 🙂

Organic Beauty Blogger

I guess it looks more dramatic on your lashes, since they’re long and dense. But yes, it’s not what I was expecting at all 🙂

Dream & Scheme

Still a great, natural-looking mascara for everyday but they should not market it as being volumizing if it isn’t.

Organic Beauty Blogger

I love how defined and separated my eyelashes look with this mascara, but that’s just about it. Something like “Separation Effect” would be more true, but I guess it doesn’t sound as good as “Butterfly Effect” :))


How perfect are your eyebrows!! Reminds me I need to get mine threaded haha! It looks nice and natural but I’m the same as you…prefer much more!

Organic Beauty Blogger

Thanks, Amber!
It’s not the worst mascara I’ve tried, but there are better choices.


Can you please recommend some better organic mascara brand you’ve tried? I agree, the lavera mascaras tend to flake after a while. I would prefer a mascara with the newer silicone type of brush as opposed to the old fashioned kind as they clump my lashes terribly, though I noticed not all organic mascaras have these.